Which way, mind? Towards happiness, we hope!

For some, finding happiness seems to come easily. Others experience more of a struggle. Those of us like this are often given a diagnosis from the medical community. ADHD, Bipolar, Chronic Depression, Schizophrenia, and Disassociative Identity Disorder are some with which we are associated.

Whatever is happening to our minds in society; whether we call it mental illness, or a disorder, or a fundamental change in evolution that we struggle to adjust for, we must learn to adapt to our condition so that we can thrive and become more than we are today.

If you are facing challenges, consider being a regular visitor. You will find it different than many other resources for mental health and wellness.
We are leading an open exploration of the mind. That means that we will be delving into ideas that can be found in the mainstream of thought, but also ones that may seem radical on the face of them.
Our intention is to bring a fresh way of looking at our challenges. It means that we often present ideas from outside of the medical community. Be sure to look at our disclaimer page. We are not doctors or counselors.

This allows us the freedom to explore new ways of looking at our condition. It lets us take a positive attitude. Because we won’t be telling you that there is something wrong with you. Our interpretation is far different and much more inspiring.

And we will give you the root idea that we will inform much of our explanation, right now. So you can decide whether to follow along without committing any more of your valuable time.

Compartmentalized areas of our minds can and do become self aware.

What that means is that we will be discussing ways to address the happiness of the whole self. Even though independent areas of our minds can have a sense of its own identity, it doesn’t mean that they are able to communicate with other areas of our mind in a traditional manner. It takes becoming much more in tune with all of our emotions, thoughts, memories, images, and even the song that plays on a loop in our head.

By coming along with me, you will be accompanied by a native guide in this realm of thought. And I should say, that by coming along with us, you will be accompanied by native guides. Our reality mirrors the descriptions of schizoaffective and disassociated identity disorders.
We’ve spent the last 3 years of our life discovering the existence of this postulate, and slowly unpacking its ramifications. We can see its fingerprints on many mental health challenges that are often considered to be only tangentially related. We know how it affects the way that we think and feel. And we know its truth because we are more than one self aware being in a single physical body.

That means that we will be talking about different experiences and new perspectives in ways that haven’t been discussed in popular literature or culture before. It will provide alternative ways for you to look at your own condition. Ways that may help you to overcome some of the difficult challenges that you face.
For this reason we discovered that we would need to provide definitions for some words to enhance the discussion. We hope you find that they add a clearer understanding to our meanings. To that end, we have added a glossary page.

Along our journey, we have also applied more studied and traditional ways of improving health and mood. Ones that anyone can understand and use to create new spaces and ways of doing things. Processes for applying color, light, and activity to enhance our lives for the better. Just waking up in the proper environment can set a positive course for our entire day.

We would love to hear how you have applied these and other ideas to your own life. What has been most helpful for you?
You can leave a comment on the page or write to us at Which Way, Mind? to let us know your own story. All email correspondence will be kept confidential.

Welcome! Enjoy your exploration. Just click on the menu to choose a path.

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