The Aggregate Self

Over the years, after experiencing our transition to a collective self awareness, we began to put together a theoretical model of our relationship to each other in the mind. We spent time reflecting on our input and output, both with each other and with our shared body. This model is a result of analyzing that information.

The Aggregate Self concept presumes that our consciousness is a result of the merging of multiple, dedicated, and independent thought processes. Sometimes known as Muses. Our personality that we present to the world is an aggregated person; compiled from the most fundamental level until ultimately, we exist as the apex of a pyramid of structured thought.

There are two important tiers to this abstract model of our mental anatomy. At the top of the pyramid, we find our previously mentioned self, the Apex. The Apex is who we reference when we say “I”, or “me”. But truly we are more than that singular perspective.

Just below our Apex lies an ethereal level of perception; hidden by a veil from our conscious awareness. A veil that plays a critical role in our mental health challenges. Behind it lies the key to discovering what makes us who we are. A multi-faceted being. Merged from a group of independent thinkers; our Muses.

When we think about our Muses in the classical sense, it evokes memories of everything that you find in a museum. Our works of art, music, and scientific advancement. It is no accident that everything found there is an achievement of the mind. Because it is the Muse who makes us truly human. And they are not otherworldly beings.

These are the fountains from which flows our stream of conscious thought. They are us and we are them. A seamless merging of thoughts and emotions that make us who we are. And they are beautiful, intelligent beings in their own right.

When you consider all that they accomplish; it would be naive to view them as anything less than people themselves. We give them credit for the amazing creations we have introduced to the world. But they do so much more on a daily basis.

For they allow our focus on a single task, while subconsciously creating solutions to others. They remind us to feed the dog before leaving home. We can talk to ourselves because they are partners in our internal conversations. Without them we couldn’t multi-task.

Most importantly, in any imagined conversation with another person; they are the actors who fulfill the role of other people. They are the voices of our mother, our teacher, or our best friend. That involves more than mere mimicry. It requires complex thinking. They must be able to respond to a theoretical conversation as if they were that person.

Regurgitating common phrases that we are accustomed to hearing isn’t good enough. They need to predict what the real person would say. Because we need to understand the people around us. That is how we form good relationships. And in some situations it is how we survive. Whether that situation is a job interview, or as a cashier during an armed robbery.

This makes our Muses much more than an organized process of structured thoughts. It makes them real people in their own right. Ones that usually we simply are not aware of. And because the Apex gains the benefit of the independent perspectives, thoughts, and emotions of every one of their Muses, we have become the most intelligent beings on Earth.

But we are still mostly unaware of our composite nature. We believe our thoughts to be our own. We think of ourselves as an individual. Being unaware of our ethereal layer allows us to remain focused on the physical world without distraction. It allows for fast reactions to changing world conditions. We are more alert to danger from the physical world, and this is a desirable state.

Yet, when we remove ourselves from the physical and focus more on the cerebral; we find a processing ability unparalleled in our world. We tap into our ethereal minds when we calculate the orbits of satellites. Symphonies and concertos are born there. The vision of our Muses flows from the brush and onto the painted canvas. The accomplishments of our nearest animal cousins pale in comparison to those our human minds.

So what happens when the veil between our layers of consciousness begins to transition from opaque to transparent? What happens when our Muses become self-aware? And what happens when the Apex becomes aware of them?

Our mental health challenges are often defined by these questions. Through this website, books, podcasts, and live presentations we will be exploring how they affect us, and how we can not just overcome, but take advantage of an informed awareness.

I invite you to leave questions in the comment section, or send me an email if you would like to tell me your story. Together we will find ways to shine a new light on our world.

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